About Us

DWVM Spirit FM 103.9 serves the people of Lucena City and its surrounding areas with Catholic Radio programming. Tune in for daily Mass, live call-in shows, community events, and more!

Lucena City’s Diocesan Radio Station. Serving the people since 1992.

Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity" is our motto. That's why we broadcast in different languages simultaneously so that all people, regardless of where they come from, can listen to the hope-giving message

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Our Mission & Vision

To communicate the Word of God and His message of love in a language and fashion understood and accepted by all for the purpose of: Arousing and enlivening the faith and commitment of the Christian community in the Diocese of Lucena; Encouraging the Christian thankful to be more fully aware and participate in the life of the Church and of the community while they are called primarily in the presence of their families and work environment (PCP II)

An evangelistic and nationalistic radio broadcast service totally dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a powerful tool to help realize the vision of community believers…

“Isang sambayanang local, kung saan ang panukala ng Diyos Ama ay nagaganap, sa pamamagitan ng pagtanggap at pagtatalaga ng sarili kay Cristo bilang personal na panganinoon at tagapagligtas at pinagpapanibago ng espiritu Santo upang maging komunidad ng mga disipulo ni Kristo na may higit na pahkiling/malasakit/pag-ibig sa mga kapwa maralita ayon sa halimbawa ni Maria”